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Who Plays in and Conducts the City Band?

The Wisconsin City Band is conducted by Keith Olson. It features dozens of musicians ranging in age from 16 to 80 years who have been playing in the band from one to over fifty years. The Band's roster is fluid, with members coming and going because of summer vacations and other commitments throughout the season. Thus, it's not possible to compile a definitive list of members. However, the following volunteers plan on participating in some capacity during the 2022 season:

Wendy Knipple
Jeanne Olson
Rob Case
Jade Brockman
Becky Joren
Katie Bass
Pricilla Kite
Alaina Kawleski
Lirah Laramee
Ryder Stieber

Denise Dondlinger
Teri Mueller

Abi Harder

Haley Brown
Richard Clausen
Chuck Martin
Jane Olsen
Grace Murray
Analee Brockman
Katie Grossklaus
Kelly Beggs
Andrew Vold
Josiah Melke
Skye Francis

Bass Clarinet
Tamara Parszewski
Jeanette Colombe

Alto Sax
Amanda Kester
Drea Falcetta
Maryah Ferk

Tenor Sax
Nathan Mallek

Bari Sax
Corbin Giese
Laurence Glenzer
Tom Ingals
Molly Thomas
Andrew Konkol
Jed Goodwin
Kyle West
Elizabeth Schmutzer

Rachel Seliskar
Matthew O'Connor
Chuck O'Connor
Jacob O'Connor
Luke O'Connor
Michael O'Connor

Dave Davies
Dan Dondlinger
Kristi Perry
Kaden Hicks

Dave Lewis
Trea Kimball

John Haugen
John Caves

Dave Mueller
Gerry Voelker
Mark Brown
Lauren Ontl
Ben Balko
Abby Look
Kadisyn Ceplina
Harry Lambert

Every summer the band performs Tuesday evening concerts at Robinson Park from mid-June though mid-August. They also perform a Fourth of July Concert at Centralia Center before the fireworks in Wisconsin Rapids.

Use the link below to check out the conductor page.

Conductor Page