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Conductor: Keith Olson        
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Band Conductor
The Wisconsin Rapids City Band is
Conducted by Keith Olson

Keith Olson

In my first season as Director of the Wisconsin Rapids City Band, I am a long time resident of Rapids and member of the City Band. I graduated UWSP where I studied Music Business, Performance, and Composition/Theory, completing a Certification in Music Education in 2002. I taught Beginning and Middle School Band at West Jr. High through the start of 2011 when I took a position with the Wautoma High School Band. My Band(s) and Jazz Ensemble performed at festivals through the state, marched as part of the the Holiday Bowl in San Diego, and performed in New York City at the Heritage/Worldstrides Music Festival. Currently I teach Beginning Band and 7th Grade Band at PJ Jacobs Junior High for the Stevens Point School District.

I maintain an active performance life as well. I will begin my 28th season as Bass Trombone for the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra this fall, continue to play with The Swing Doctors (a group I helped found over 15 years ago), play at the annual Tuba Christmas at UWSP, perform in area Pit Orchestras for school musicals, and generally anywhere that I am needed and schedule allows.

Some of my biggest musical influences, as a conductor and teacher, have been Dennis Glocke (currently Director of Bands at Penn State), James Arrowood, Donald Schleicher (currently director of Orchestral studies at Illinois), Patrick Miles (music director for the CWSO), Jeanne Olson (my wife and the best teacher I know, currectly Director of Band at LHS and Flute in WRCB), and all of the students that I have had through the years that I have learned so much from. Lastly, but not leastly, my three wonderful daughters who continue to make me proud and humble through their own accomplishments.

Have a wonderful 2018 WRCB season, and thanks for your support of this wonderful organization as I start my first (of hopefully many) season.

Musically yours,
Keith Olson